5 shocking habits that cause wrinkles and how to prevent them

5 shocking habits that cause wrinkles and how to prevent them Favful

We all know getting wrinkles as we age is a part of life. But there are some usual practices we do that increase the risk of getting premature fine lines.

Age lines on our face may tell the story of our lives, but most of us would agree that wrinkles are best prevented until it can't be helped anymore. Smoking, glazing sun and aging are some of the common culprits we recognize that contribute to these facial lines. Some of these shocking habits will come as a surprise as factors that contribute to skin wrinkles. Resisting doing a few of them would be totally worth it compared to watching your flawless face develop creases, we say!

1. Applying makeup 

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Yes, practice makes perfect but that doesn’t apply when you have been stretching and pulling your skin while your apply your makeup. You may look seamlessly perfect with your face paint on point but no amount of makeup is going to hide crumpled skin. Try and minimise any tugging and pulling, especially when you are applying your eye makeup and removing it...the skin around your eye area is extra thin and prone to fine lines.

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2. Sleeping on belly or sideways

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This may sound ridiculous but sleeping on your stomach or sideways is really giving you wrinkles! We know, we know...the feeling of throwing yourself on your bed and your face hitting the pillow after a hectic day is unbeatable. But the pressure exerted on your face while you sleep is going to get you awful, fine lines. Sleeping on your back is the best position to avoid wrinkles but if you’re more a side sleeper, investing in a satin pillow case is a great choice as it is much gentler on skin. 

3. Squinting your eyes

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Can’t remember where exactly you tossed your sunglasses or visual-correcting glasses? Squinting and straining your eyes to view mobile phone or television screens, tiny writings or under bright sunlight will cause crow's feet to appear along the sides of your eyes. Relax, and protect your eyes with sunnies or wear the right prescription glasses.

4. Rubbing your face

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It's not that you can't rub your face with your hands but harsh strokes and exaggerated facial expressions are defo a big no. As you get older, your skin will lose its elasticity gradually and all the grooves you've made will stay there for good, especially if you rub your face often.

5. Sipping with a straw

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Basically when you engage the muscles around the mouth excessively such as sipping a beverage with a straw, it will cause some irksome fine lines. Drinking directly from the glass seems to be a better option but the downside is you will have to touch up your lipstick from time to time. That's still a cheaper fix than a Botox treatment, yes?

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Apart from evading these wrinkle-giving factors, nourishing your skin is important as well. Beauty products with sufficient moisture, antioxidants and Vitamin C are effective to tame fine lines and create brighter complexion. To help put you on the right path, we gathered a list of products to aid you in the wrinkle battle.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence-Eye

Targetting the eye area, this bottle of essence hydrates the tender skin around your eyes hence minimizing the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles to look brighter and livelier. 

Laneige Time-Freeze Wrinkle Filler

Say bye-bye to crow's feet and laugh lines! This Time-Freeze Wrinkle Filler contains 11% stablized Vitamin C to combat aging and wrinkles, leaving you smoother and younger looking skin.

Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

Formulated to improve the look of the delicate eye area, this bottle filled with Pure Vitamin C goodness which is known for its serenity with skin and great potential on combating aging skin. Besides, it also helps diminishing dark pigments under your eyes.

CC creams that will fix your skin problems now

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus

This rich eye cream eliminates wrinkles and puffy eyes as well as calms the eye area as it refines and moisturizes. It is suitable to use in the morning and night on the eyelids and under eye.

Marcelle New-Age Precision Eye+Lip Contour Cream

Marcelle's light and gentle contour cream will smooth all the worry lines, squinting lines and smiling lines by renewing cells and improving skin's firmness and elasticity.

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