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The best tricks to make foundation look like skin

The best tricks to make foundation look like skin Favful

Make your foundation so natural that no one knows you're wearing it.

Feeling envious over, say, Korean celebrities’ skin as seen on screen? Perhaps most of them have flawless skin as we all know skincare is their top priority, but still, we are all human─ We have breakouts occasionally and dark eye-circles (terrible sleeping habit!). Hence in reality, apart from their fabulous skincare regimen to thank for, another secret weapon they have is makeup artists who contribute to creating flawless looking skin. No makeup artist? No problem. We have some tips and tricks for you to apply the most skin-liked foundation. Scroll through for the foundation master-class!

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1. Prep your skin before ANYTHING

Since makeup at all times described as painting, what’s more important than having a smooth, flawless canvas to work with? Get your skin ready by applying toner and massage serum in. In circular motion, gently rub moisturizer and eye creams to your face, giving a few minutes between each step for your skin to absorb all the products that have been applied. This step is always important because your skin will freak out when you apply foundation prior to any proper hydration.

2. Rethink priming method

A lot of us put the same primer all over our face (because YouTube beauty gurus do so too) but Ariana Grande’s makeup artist, Daniel Chinchilla recommends cocktailing formulas by using oil-controlling primer on T-zone and silicone based primer for the rest of the canvas. "Most people who have oily skin really have some form of combination skin," says Daniel. "And if you put a matte primer over a dry area, it will take away the moisture and make it look cakey."

3. Concealer goes first

You’ll end up using way much product that you should if you start smearing foundation all over without concealing your dark eye circles or blemishes first. The more layers you build on your problematic areas, the obvious it’ll show. Take care of them with a lightweight concealer, then you could examine how much foundation you need for a complete yet non cakey coverage.

4. Blush first too

Applying blush before foundation will give your skin a natural flush-from-within than just merely sitting on top of your foundation. But remember to use cream based or cheek stain instead of powder blush under liquid foundation to avoid a disastrous foundation experience. 

5. Sculpt a little

Not a full-faced contouring, but to amplify your face structure and fool everyone that you own that coveting great skin. As much as guys hate it, do your best duck face, swipe darker shade along the indentation and then blend it out. Dab the highlighter on high point on your face like cheek bones, bridge of the nose, arc of the brows, cupid ’s bow and chin for a subtle glow. 

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6. Control the foundation usage

If you can, get a foundation with a dropper instead of a pump, as one pump dispenses way more than your face ever needed and you feel bad wasting your precious product. End up putting the extras all over the face and that’s an exact example of a caked-up face. Do it right by blending a few small drops starting from the center of the face then move outwards, focusing on the areas you need with a damp beauty blender or foundation brush to look more natural.

7. Go dewy

Korean celebrities have dewy looking skin. To impersonate such skin, spray your makeup brush or beauty blender with thermal water. It does the trick to increase the moisture level in your skin when you dab the makeup on. So versatile that you can spray it before and after your makeup as a soothing makeup setting spray and your skin will look soft and lustrous.

8. Set everything in place

Final step! Set the areas that get greasy easily with a light application of translucent powder. You can also use a pressed powder for a more precise application and avoid messiness. And, your flawless second skin is done!

Try this and voice out any opinions in the comments below!

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