Cosmetic Industry Market Study

Hi beautiful people <3 My name is Aiza :) As a final year student of Bachelor in Beauty and Hair Management programme at MSU (Management & Science University), I'm currently doing a research on the Cosmetic Industry in Malaysia for my Final Year Project. I would like to humbly invite everyone to answer a 10 question survey regarding the current scene of Cosmetic Industry here in Malaysia: 1. If you are a consumer of makeup products, please answer this survey: 2. If you are a Makeup Artist (MUA), please answer this survey: It would mean the world to me if you can spread the love to your family and friends who are consumers or a Makeup Artist themselves! PS: These surveys are completely anonymous and don't require any of your personal details to be filled in. This will help a lot for my research! Thank you! <3 Yours Truly, Aiza.

Order is still processing

Do anyone face the same problem? My order is still processing for a long time already. Can I get back my fund?

How to Purchase?

Hi there, i would like to know what is the difference between purchase on Favful Store & Favful Community? Anyone can give me a clear instruction? I'm so confusing~~ Many thanks. Have a nice day!

Aging gracefully (with the help of skincare products)

As I grow older I realized that my skin has lost it's youthful elasticity. My adult acne scars don't heal as fast as they used to. My metabolism has slowed down over the years and eating a big meal makes me uncomfortable the entire day. I am trying to eat better now, more fruits, more greens, less carbs (with the occasional fried chicken and pizza) and drink healthier drinks such as apple vinegar cider, honey, real fruit juice and more water. I try to take care of my body and my skin. I walk whenever I can, to get in some exercise. I try to get 5 hours of sleep a night but I am constantly still tired all the time and this shows! My eye bags are getting darker and saggier. I believe aging is natural, but I don't believe I can't look good doing it, so I would like to open a discussion as per the title of this post. Please share some of your tips or routines and or skincare product recommendations - would love to hear from everyone on this!

Halloween Makeup Help Needed

Girls! I need your help! Which look do you prefer? This creepy one: Or: this Vampire Look: I cant decide which one is better, share your thoughts <3

Fenty Cosmetics by Rihanna

Hey girls! What do you think of Fenty Cosmetics? I have read this review and am really considering to purchase it!

The chocolate struggle!

As a dark-skinned person, it is unbelievably difficult to find affordable base products. Do any other chocolate people know what i mean? all foundations and concealers for us cost over Rm100 whereas light-skinned people can get really cheap foundations and concealers everywhere! it's not fair (hehe). P.S: I do know that the Maybelline age rewind concealers come in 12 colours now though!! it would be really nice to see it be available here.


Hi, Im new here and I would like to asked either anyone has the same problem and condition with me. I think, my face is having a hormanal acne an praise to God that my face isnt worse. I wish!!!!! I have problems with red acne before it worse, uneven scars and blackhead. So if any of you have found the remedies or the cure?pls help a sister out

Blackheads torture

Hi guys... I’m going through this blackheads phase. Please help me get rid of them. Home remedies please. The pore strip does not work on me and it’s annoyingly painful. Please suggest something!! 😭😭😭😭😭


Do you agree that MASKING can do so much wonders to your skin or even save that dull complexion in a night? Share your favourite mask products right here with your tips & tricks if you have!

Makeup case

Hey, I am Judy, a makeup artist and a hairstylist. Today I am gonna share a great item that totally satisfies my daily life and work. I just can’t help sharing it with you guys. Because of my job, I have tons of makeup, wigs and grooming tools to carry from one place to another. So you can see that a cosmetic train case is a must-have item for me. I got one before, but it was just too small and I can barely keep all my grooming tools in it. And it was a little bit tired to carry on my shoulder for a long time, cuz it had no wheels for me to roll on the ground. One day, my little clumsy makeup case dropped off and broke apart by accident. I finally had a decent reason to find a new replacement. Then I searched “rolling makeup case” on Amazon and wanted to choose one that is sturdy enough, big enough and has a reasonable price (yeah, I am just a broke girl. T_T). After a long and annoying journey of comparison, I found my new baby on Yaheetech. I was deeply attracted by its beauty. It’s pretty and has a lot of storage room for a lot of makeup. I was so happy for its wheels and nice long handle. I bought this new baby immediately. I only waited three days for this case. It came quickly (far more quickly than I expected) and was packed very safely. I couldn't wait to open the package. I got exactly what I saw online. There was no damage on my baby’s body. I quickly opened it and started to organize my makeup in different tiers. This case would be perfect for holding palette eyeshadows and eyeliners and my other small items. I’m so lucky to have this case. I t is my right hand and organizer in life and work. Now, I am so happy to open my baby and see everything all lined up, which also takes me less time and effort to find the items I want. Its wheels and nice long handle are perfect for easy transport. I’m so satisfied with this shopping. I have used this case for three months, which works perfectly and protects all my products. I am delighted to choose Yaheetech because of its superior quality. Yaheetech is currently the most professional cosmetic case brand on Amazon. I showed my sister and she instantly bought one as well, so I wanna share it with you guys. I believe you will also love it. Here is the shopping link: Hope you guys have a happy shopping trip. Best regards!


Hey,gorgeous... I'm here to ask for help to anyone would want to teach me to make fabulous by using makeup...i'm a young girl that want to learn to be a fabulous girl plus gorgeous of makeup me by giving tips?

Best Sunscreen for sensitive skin

Hey girls, which sunscreen would be suitable for my combination sensitive skin ? And are all sunscreen oil based? I've never use sunscreen & only rely on my foundation SPF which I know is not good for skin. Appreciate any help from you girls xx


Hello everyone What’s good??? I’ve been away for a while, I know but I’m back! So tell me how was Raya? Did you guys have fun? Show off your outfit and show off your makeup skills too 😏😏. Comment below now!! I’ll share mine too 😅❤️

WEEKEND COMMUNITY CONTEST - How does your make-up last the day?

COMMENT HERE - Tell us that ONE tip/product on how you make your makeup stay on fleek throughout the day! Stand a chance to win ONE B.LIV Got Oil Relief from us! Contest runs from 8/6/2018 - Ends 10/6/2018 midnight so don't miss out 🎁 T&C applies: 1. Only 1 winner will be chosen 2. Participant will have at least 3 reviewed products on . If you have not reviewed - You can start reviewing photo & video reviews to earn points! 3. You can submit as many times as you want for a high chance of winning. Your BEST tip will be shortlisted

How to redeem other products besides the ones shown in the My Profile > Rewards section?

Hi, I'm not interested in the products being displayed in the Rewards section. There is a lack of variety of products to choose from. I want the option of being able to choose and redeem something else. Is there a way to do so? If yes, please share a simple guide on how to do so. PS: Anyone here from way back remember when they have the points required to redeem a certain product displayed on the right side of the products?

Product for body scar ?Any suggestion,guys?

Hi! I have a lot of scars all over my leg and arm since i was kid (u know how kid behave and not care about their skin at all). So can someone suggest me an effective scar serum or lotion ? I'd tried cocoa butter,Azanis serum and bio oil,but still no difference.

Face Condition After Using Makeup Remover

Hello everyone! Recently for about almost a year, I have problems with my face condition after using makeup remover. It tends to flare up and turns hot with redness all over, especially since I used L'oreal Dermo Expertise Lip & Eye Makeup Remover. Just a few months ago I went to do a free makeover at Sephora and the makeup artist told me that I might be allergic to corn substances since it also flared up even though his used another type of makeup remover. Any recommendations please?

Favorite Liquid Lipsticks?

Hey guys, while gloss is in and matte is out - what's your pick for liquid lipsticks? I'm giving the NARS Powermatte Liquid Lip a test run today, but I'd like to hear opinions

The BEST Concealers!!

Well, *according to me*... I’ve always been asked which concealers would you prefer for dry, oily and combo skin. This is my answer: For ALL skin types: 1- NARS Radiant Concealer 2- LA Girl Pro Concealer 3- Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer 4- Tarte Shape Tape 5- Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealer 6- Colourpop No Filter Liquid Concealer 7- Urban Decay Naked Weightless Concealer 8- Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer. Which ones do you think are amazing and get the work done? Comment below and let us all know xx

Hello girls!!

How are you guys?? What’s going on? Comment below and start a conversation. Let’s get to know each other!!

Hello Loves, What's Your Skincare Routine?

Share us your skincare hacks & stand a chance to be Featured in our upcoming SKINCARE SERIES curated to help our community understand more on how skincare is a major role in your life. Who knows, your story will be able to help someone with the similar skin concerns. ⚡ You can participate by : COMMENT BELOW to tell us your skin issues, tried & tested routines, products highly recommended & a picture of your beautiful self! ⚡ Cause we'd love to know how you did it! And you might be rewarded with something personal from us 😉 ⚡Be apart of our first step towards FAVFUL BEAUTY PROJECT because you deserve to know what works and what doesn't for you 💋 ⚡Submission dates are from 1st March 2018 till 16th March 2018

What are the many skin care problems you all face?

Comment below and we’ll discuss and find solutions!! Love you guys xx

Whitespots that last for years

I've been having this problem for years now where I have quite a few very very stubborn whiteheads on my nose that just won't go away (even after trying numerous products, masks, etc.) I got rid of them once during a facial session but it came back soon after. I've been told it's not like a normal blackhead/whitehead/pimple but it's like an oil clog. I do have an oily nose and I my nose sweats easily ahaha. Anybody going through the same problem/have some product to recommend?

[Community Contest] NEW YEAR, NEW....?

Let us know about your New Year Resolution in less than 100 words. The best submission wins a PAYOT Hydra 24+ Gel-Creme Sorbet worth RM200+ ! Submission ends on 5th January 2018!

Best affordable primer?

Hi I’m looking for a primer. I never used any face products before (foundation, primer, face powder etc) except for contours, highlights and blushes. I want to start using a primer so I’m not sure which one should I get!

vitamin c.

hye everyone. i just wanna ask all af you, what brand of vitamin C that effective and doesn't give bad effect to our health? i really need to consume vitamin C coz i have dull skin. help me please.

Full Coverage Foundation

What’s the best drugstore full coverage foundation?

Suggestion and solution about rough skin

Hi. I have rough skin face with a lot of whitehead. And for now I'm using st.ives green tea scrub. So far so good. I love it. Do you guys have any other suggestions for rough skin with whitehead?


seriously, im having a serious blackhead problem. sometimes im not confident with myself to face with people. and im also having big pores problem. please help me.

Under Eye Smudge from eyeliner & mascara. How do I solve this?

My biggest problem is I always have smudges under my eye from my mascara and eyeliner. What should I do to prevent this? I ended up not wearing them and my face looks so dull. Help!

Oily skin and pores problem

I have an oily skin and big pores problem which have accompany since I’m young, I’ve been trying a lot of product and went to a lot treatment or facial but still the same. Can anyone here help me?

Eye cream recommendations

I'm currently looking for a cheap to mid end eye cream! I don't really have any big issue with my eye area, mainly some not-so-serious dark circle and fine lines. Any great recommendation?

How to get rid of SCARS on Legs ( After shaves/Epilator/Scratch)

I tried applying rosehip oil and those vitamin E ones and didn't work, leg still ugly AF. Help me....

How to cover dark eye circles?

I have really dark circles under my eyes not because i have insufficient sleep instead it is caused by a bad habit of mine- eye rubbing while sleeping. I struggle to find a concealer that can fully cover the dark tones under my eyes. I hope someone here can recommend a few concealer suggestions ! :) Thank You

Best foundation for acne prone skin

Do share your experience on the foundation of your choice especially for acne prone skin type, as its so much harder for me to find the suitable foundation.

Do you apply your concealer first or foundation?

For me, I'll usually start with foundation then move on to concealer. That way I feel like, I can conceal my dark circles and imperfections properly.

How to love all our imperfections?

It's important to know the fact that everyone isn't perfect. To be honest, I do love myself in my own skin but sometimes I feel insecure about myself because of my imperfections. Anyone has any idea on how to accept all our imperfections?

Does anyone not use foundation?

Like the titles suggests, does anyone here prefer not to use alot of foundation?

What is the best way to pack your makeup and skin care essentials for travel?

Traveling light is almost never possible for me, especially when I will always pack loads of nice outfits and all my beauty essentials. Plus, buying all my essentials in travel sizes may cost a bomb sometimes. Or in some cases, my compacts like powder or eyeshadow might cracked along the way. How do I pack for my travels? Is there a way where I can bring most of my products yet at the same time able to bring my carry-on luggage on board?

How do I shrink those large pores on my face?

I've been having a difficult time getting my pores smaller, pore strips and toners dont seem to help much.. This is really making me insecure eventho its not like having crazy amount of blackheads on my face.

How do you handle not feeling attractive enough?

Hi! Working in the media line, its common to be surrounded by very beautiful, young, popular and influential girls and it can be pretty intimidating. It's easy to get self conscious and feel very small. Any quick tips or personal experience to overcome this scenario? Many thanks :)

How to calm redness without having to use makeup?

Hey! A question that has been in my head since...forever. What is a good and natural way to calm redness without having to use makeup? :(

How to turn down a guy nicely?

Hi! I sometimes get guys want to ask my number or flirt with me all that when i don't like him. How to reject him nicely?

What’s the best way to have white teeth?

I’m a huge coffee fan and would like to know the best way to white teeth! Are there any products/home remedies out there which is useful when it comes to teeth whitening? :)

How do I find my perfect foundation shade?

Hello!!! Majority of the foundations that are available in Malaysia are catered for fair skin tone. In order to get my shade I need to mix a few foundations up. This is so inconvenient and I’m wasting so much of money. So is there an alternative way in Finding the perfect foundation shade for myself?

How do you handle your jungle down under?

Welll.... go for IPL i guess? any of you got complained by ur partner about ur jungle down under? haha

What are you insecure about?

I feel really insecure whenver i'm on social media. Has anyone felt that way before? I'm guessing it's because of the perfect portrayal of people on social media. When you see someone with their perfect body and travelling the world wth their significant other. I would like to know how we can feel secure about ourselves and not compare ourselves with them?