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Maybelline Hypersharp Power Black Liquid Liner
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Maybelline Hypersharp Power Black Liquid Liner

โดย Maybelline

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  • combination skin, tan, 18-25
    Fav liner
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    The liner comes in a sleek and edgy packaging with metallic red cap.  It has a brush tip helps in getting precise, fine lines for cat eyes. It is the blackest black eyeliner.  it goes on smooth and does not flake. It gives a semi-matte finish.  dries up super quickly. It is long lasting and smudge proof.  It is just water resistant and doesn't smudge when its wet., so it is easy to remove. It has made applying a cat eyeliner such a breeze for me. it literally takes 10 seconds. this is very comparable to the high end liner like KVD liquid liner. HIGHLY recommend it.

  • combination skin, medium
    Suitable for beginner

    This eyeliner is aim to produce a sharp black line. This product can be controlled easily to draw precise shape. Its not too soft brush allows you to control easily. Thus, it is suitable for beginner. This product can last whole day. However, it still smudeges especially on my oily eyelid. I would recommend to apply eye base before this or eyeshadow first ti reduce its smudging level. This product is affordable and it is always in promotion from time to time in Watson 

    Suitable for dry skin.

    For oily skin, emphasize on make up base to strengthen its long lasting effect.

  • combination skin, olive, 18-25

    This is my favourite eyeliner i will never change to any other brands after this. I was  introduced by my friend to this eyeliner and since then i fall in love with it. I live how it's so easy to apply and how precise the brush is so you avoid mistake. Also it doesn't smudge throughout the day and its waterproof so it's a plus if you live in a hor weather and you sweat easily. Highly recommended. 

  • acne prone skin, medium fair
    True BLACK colour eyeliner

    Just as its name, Power Black liquid eyeliner ! This means that the pigmentation is really good which is able to draw a line that is deep black in colour with just one time of drawing. You do not have to draw for a multiple time to have the effect of deep black colour. The brush tip is sharp too which is able to draw usual thin or thick eye-line. But if you wish to draw a eye-line which is very thin, this might not be suitable as the brush tip is not thin enough. The long lasting effect is moderate whereby it will not disappear quickly. But for those with oily eyelid, it easily smudge with black spot at the corner of the eyes. 

    TIPS: If you concern more on the smudging effect, this has to be considered or tested on your skin first before purchasing. Other than that, this product is worth buying as its performance is above average.

  • combination skin, medium fair
    recommended by many

    this eyeliner was a big rave among my makeup ladies so I bought it because I am nothing without my winged liner. At first I liked it, nothing amazing compared to In2It's eyeliner. Until one night I forgot to put a cap on the whole night and it dried out. Managed to revive it but not without messing up the brush tip :( thank god I bought the purple cap at the same time.

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Achieve ultra-sharp precision with HyperSharp Power Black Liquid Liner - your go-to liner with a new and improved formula. Experience a blacker than black intensity like never before!